Hunting trail camera OXE Cheetah II

+ FREE 32GB SD card, 4 batteries and shipping!
ikoikoFree of chargeFree of chargeFree of chargeHunting trail camera OXE Cheetah II + 32GB SD card, 4 batteries and shipping!

!!! 32GB SD card and 4 batteries FREE !!! Model 2023 - in stock, immediately available! Hunting camera OXE Cheetah II is the successor of the very popular OXE Cheetahmodel, which enjoyed great popularity with our customers. This new model is interesting for its number of professional...

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!!! 32GB SD card and 4 batteries FREE !!!

Model 2023 - in stock, immediately available! Hunting camera OXE Cheetah II is the successor of the very popular OXE Cheetahmodel, which enjoyed great popularity with our customers. This new model is interesting for its number of professional features and excellent price / performance ratio. A revolutionary novelty is the OXE Cheetah II photo trap variant with a hunting detector, which complements the photo trap with an alarm function - you can read about this improvement below. Cheetah II will take care of quality photos with a maximum resolution of 32MP and Full HD video. An invisible IR illumination with 22 LEDs and an afterglow of up to 18 meters is available for night shots. Captured images are stored on a microSD card with a capacity of up to 32GB. Fotopast is without GSM module. Setting up the photo trap is very simple, thanks to the completely Czech menu and built-in LCD display. The setting of the photo trap itself is very simple and intuitive.


The menu is very clear, clear and intuitive. The large and clear LCD display with a diagonal of 2 "is hidden inside the photo trap. The control buttons are located on both sides of the display. it's really extremely simple.


The following recording modes are available:

  • photo,
  • video,
  • photo + video.

The maximum photo resolution at which photos can be taken is 32MP. You can also select a lower resolution, 24MP, 20MP, 16MP, 12MP, 8MP, 5MP. Captured photos are saved in JPG format. Video can be recorded in maximum FULL HD resolution. Another option is HD video resolution. The video is saved in AVI (MJPG) format. The quality of the captured images is taken care of by the 1/3 “2MPX CMOS Sensor.


Power supply and operation of the photo trap is provided by 4 AA batteries. If you buy a version with a hunting detector, then you have to count on another 2 AA batteries, which are inserted into the detector. If you have a photo trap near a power source, you can use an AC adapter to power it. The photo trap can also be charged using an external 6V / 7Ah battery, which is connected to the photo trap using a power cable with terminals. The operation of the OXE Cheetah II photo trap is energy-efficient.


The OXE Cheetah II Photo Trap is equipped with a number of other interesting features, such as:

  • water resistance IP66,
  • modes: photo, video, photo + video,
  • great camouflage,
  • short response time (0.2 s),
  • sequential scanning,
  • IR afterglow up to 18 meters,
  • PIR range up to 23 meters with a 90° angle of view,
  • time-lapse function,
  • schedule,
  • recording to microSD memory card and much more.


1x Photopaste OXE Cheetah II
1x Mounting strap
1x USB cable
1x instructions


The second generation OXE Cheetah is compatible with a hunting detector that has an alarm function. The detector can receive an alarm signal from a photo trap at a distance of up to 150 meters. When the photo trap detects a moving target in auto motion detection mode, a photo or video is taken immediately. At this point, a warning signal is sent wirelessly to the detector and an alarm in the form of sound, light or vibration is triggered. This gives you an instant overview of what is happening in front of the photo trap. This makes your hunt very easy. The OXE Cheetah II in combination with a hunting detector is truly a complete helper for every hunter.

Cost-effective set Fotopast OXE Cheetah II + hunting detector

You can order a good price packageHERE .


Image sensor:

1/3 “2MPX CMOS Sensor


f = 6.0mm F / NO = 2.4 FOV = 72 °


Photo, Video, Photo + Video

Photo resolution:


Photo format:


Video resolution:

Full HD (1920 x 1080p); HD (1280 x 720p)

Video format:



2 "TFT-LCD color display

IR illumination:

up to 18 m (invisible illumination 940nm, 22 IR LEDs)

PIR range:

23 m

PIR shot:

90 °

PIR interval:

2 seconds ~ 30 minutes (default 15 s)

Shutter speed:

0.2 s

Sequential scanning:

1 - 3 slides


microSD, up to 32GB


Moon phase / temperature / time / date


1x USB; 1x microSD slot


1x DC 6V

Operating temperature:

-30 ° C ~ 70 ° C

Operating humidity:

5% ~ 95%

Power supply:

4x AA batteries / DC 6V-1.5A

External power supply: 6V / 7Ah (not included)

Time lapse:


Water resistance:


Tripod thread: Yes
Czech menu: Yes


110 (L) x 90 (W) x 56.5 (H) mm





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