Hunting Camera OXE Tarantula WiFi 4K and binocular night vision OXE DV29

+ FREE 32GB SD card, 8 batteries and a tripod!
ikoikoikoikoFree of chargeFree of chargeFree of chargeFree of chargeHunting Camera OXE Tarantula WiFi 4K and binocular night vision OXE DV29 + 32GB SD card, 8 batteries and a tripod!

!!! 32GB SD card, 8 batteries and tripod FOR FREE !!! The affordable package consists of the OXE Tarantula WiFi 4K camera trap and the OXE DV29 binocular night vision. By purchasing a package, you will therefore save money compared to buying the camera trap and night vision separately. And...

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!!! 32GB SD card, 8 batteries and tripod FOR FREE !!!

The affordable package consists of the OXE Tarantula WiFi 4K camera trap and the OXE DV29 binocular night vision. By purchasing a package, you will therefore save money compared to buying the camera trap and night vision separately. And it pays off!



Model series 2023 - camera trap with the characteristics of a professional device. The OXE Tarantula camera trap ranks among the top models of camera traps thanks to Wi-Fi and mobile phone connections. This camera trap stands out above all for its ultra-high-resolution photos, namely 48MP, and its 4K video recording. The camera trap has a revolutionary innovation, namely two sensing lenses, one of which is designed for daytime images and the other for night images. Setting up the camera trap is very easy thanks to the large LCD display (2.4"). Operation of the camera trap is very gentle and is secured by AA batteries. The camera trap does not have a GSM module.


What makes this device special is the dual-lens system, where one is used for taking photos during the day in very high standard, and the other is intended for taking photos at night. Thanks to this system, really high-quality lenses are used in the camera trap with very high class of all the functions that are placed on them. The daily lens allows you to take photos with a maximum resolution of up to 48MP and video in 4K quality. The night lens takes 4MP photos and Full HD video (1080p).


The mobile application allows for simple and convenient setting and operation of the camera trap. This will be appreciated especially by users who have a camera trap located in hard-to-reach places. The mobile device is connected to the camera via Wi-Fi, with a range of up to 15 m. Wi-Fi is activated in the camera via Bluetooth. Subsequently, the application can be used to set the camera trap, take and view photos and videos, download the captured images to a mobile device, etc. You can download the mobile application to your smartphone using the following QR codes:


The maximum photo resolution of 48MP and 4K video place this camera trap in the highest product class. In addition to the maximum resolutions, the user can choose between lower resolutions as well. The captured images are saved on an SD memory card, which can have a maximum capacity of up to 256 GB. Photos are saved in JPEG format, video in MPEG-4 (H.264) format. You can also take photos through the mobile application. You can then view these images on your smartphone.


Setting up and operating the camera trap is very simple. The camera trap can be controlled using functional buttons that are located around the large 2.4" LCD display. Another option for working with the camera trap is to connect it to a mobile phone, where you can set up the camera trap, take or view pictures, view battery charge status etc.


The camera is powered by 8 AA batteries. If you place a camera trap located near a power source, you can use an AC adapter to power it. The camera can also be charged using an external 6V /7Ah battery, which is connected to the camera using a power cable with terminals. The camera trap is also compatible with the OXE Solar Charger 6V solar panel, which ensures stable and reliable operation.


The OXE Tarantula WiFi 4K camera trap has many other interesting features, such as a fast response of 0.3s, adjustable sensitivity of the PIR sensor with a range of up to 20 meters, extremely long night illumination, ultra-long battery life, waterproof IP66, data stamp, serial scanning and many more.


1x OXE Tarantula WiFi 4K camera trap
1x USB cable
1x mounting strap
1x tripod stand
1x mounting plate
3x screws
1x 32GB SD card
8x AA batteries
1x user manual


Day lens: SONY 13MP native sensor with high resolution (F=2.9 mm, F/NO=3.0, FOV=80°, distortion: -1%)
Night lens: 200W sensor (F=4.0 mm, F/NO=1.4, FOV=93°)
Photo resolution (day lens): 48MP (9248x5200), 36MP (8000x4496), 24MP (6544x3680), 13MP (4832x2704), 8MP (3840x2160), 4MP (2704x1520), 2MP (1920x1088)
Photo resolution (night lens): 4MP (2704x1520), 2MP (1920x1088), 1MP (1280x720)
Burst shooting: yes (1 - 10 images)
Photo format: JPEG
Video resolution (day lens): 4K (3840x2160, 30fps); 2.7K (2704x1520, 30fps); 2K (2560x1440, 60fps); 1080P (1920x1080, 60fps/30fps); 720P (1280x720, 30fps); 480P (848x480, 30fps); 360P (640x368, 30fps)
Video resolution (night lens): 1080P (1920x1080, 30fps); 720P (1280x720, 30fps); 480P (848x480, 30fps); 360P (640x368, 30fps)
Video format: MPEG-4 (H.264)
Display: 2.4" IPS 320x240 (RGB) TFT-LCD display
Effectiveness: day 1m, night 3m - 20m
PIR coverage angle: central sensor 60°, side sensor every 30°, total sensor angle zone 120°
Response speed: 0.3s, pre-trigger 0.2s
PIR range: up to 20 meters
PIR sensitivity: adjustable (low / medium / high)
IR illumination: illumination with a slight red flash ( 850nm), afterglow up to 20m
Wi-Fi : 2.4 ~ 2.5 GHz 802.11 b/g/n (up to 150 Mbps)
Bluetooth: 5.0 (2.4GHz ISM)
Memory card: SD/SDHC with max capacity 256GB
Protection: IP66
Power supply: 8x AA
External power supply : 6V/7Ah (not included in the package)
Battery life in standby mode : approx. 6 months at an average of 50 pictures per day (with 8 batteries, also affected by outdoor conditions)
Operating temperature: -20°C ~ 60°C (storage temperature -30 °C ~ 70°C)
Operating humidity: 5% ~ 90%
Connectors: Mini USB 2.0, power connector
Dimensions: 135x103x75 mm


The DV29 binocular night vision is a modern device with a CMOS image sensor and a 24 mm lens that allows you to see at night with very good imaging and details. Thanks to its special technologies, you can see even in the most difficult night conditions with a clear and sharp image. You can adjust brightness and sharpness manually. Binoculars are suitable for observing wildlife, camping, hunting and other leisure activities in nature. There is 8x digital zoom and 4x optical zoom. Recorded footage can be saved on a memory card with a capacity of up to 128 GB. Recorded footage can also be viewed on a large 3" display. You can choose from several options for photo and video resolution, where the maximum values are 48MP for photo and 2.5UHD for video. IR illumination of 850 nm is visible and 3 intensities can be set The design of the binoculars is ergonomic, so it fits well in your hand and you have easy access to the controls. It is also very durable and waterproof, so you can use it even in difficult terrains. With the option of connecting to an external power source, you don't have to worry about it will drain the battery during use.This quality and reliable product will allow you to see the world around you at night in its full beauty.


  • Maximum viewing distance at night up to 300 m.
  • Maximum photo resolution up to 48 MP, video resolution 2.5K UHD.
  • Possibility to save the captured recording on a memory card with a capacity of up to 128 GB.
  • Manual correction of sharpness and brightness.
  • 8x digital zoom, 4x optical zoom.
  • Lens 24 mm, field of view 10°
  • Visible IR illumination (850 nm) with three adjustment levels.
  • A clear and large 3" display with the option of playing back captured images.
  • Easy to control.


1x binocular night vision OXE DV29
1x card reader
1x USB type C cable
1x Storage Case
1x cord over the neck
1x binocular cleaning cloth
1x user manual


Examples of use: camping and outdoor leisure, wildlife watching, hunting
Optical magnification: 4x
Digital zoom: 8x
Lens diameter: 24mm
Field of view: 10°
Image sensor: CMOS
Power/wavelength of IR illumination: 3W/850nm
Max. viewing distance: 250-300 meters at night
Photo resolution: 48MP, 30MP, 25MP, 20MP, 10MP, 8MP, 5MP, 3MP
Photo format: JPG
Video resolution: 2.5K UHD, 1080FHD, 1080P, 720P
Video format: AVI
Display: 3" IPS display
Operating temperature: -30°C to +55°C
Languages: English, Japanese, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Korean, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Arabic
Daily record: color
Night recording: black and white
IR illumination: 850 nm (visible), 3 levels of IR illumination adjustment
Memory card: micro SD card, max 128 GB
Port: Type-C
Battery: Built-in 2500mAh rechargeable lithium battery
Product dimensions: 13.4*12.8*6.3 cm
Product weight: 300g

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