Fotopast OXE Cheetah

+ FREE 32GB SD card, 4 batteries, tripod and transport
Free of chargeFree of chargeFree of chargeFree of chargeFotopast OXE Cheetah + 32GB SD card, 4 batteries, tripod and transport

!!! 32GB SD card, 4 batteries, tripod and FREE shipping !!! Model 2021. The OXE brand is returning to the Czech photo trap market. The first novelty of 2020 is the OXE Cheetah mini photo trap, which will arouse great excitement among customers, mainly due to the already mentioned small...

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!!! 32GB SD card, 4 batteries, tripod and FREE shipping !!!

Model 2021. The OXE brand is returning to the Czech photo trap market. The first novelty of 2020 is the OXE Cheetah mini photo trap, which will arouse great excitement among customers, mainly due to the already mentioned small dimensions, high performance and low purchase price! Come with us to see this photo trap with the hunter's instincts and lightning-fast response (0.4 s) in more detail!

Small compact dimensions

OXE Cheetah is a photo trap for which the Czech saying clearly applies - small but handy! Well, judge for yourself, the dimensions are 108.5 x 75.5 x 46 mm. We can say that the inclusion in the category of mini photo traps is more than apt.

Masked design

OXE Cheetah is an elaborate photo trap down to the last detail in miniature dimensions. Well-chosen camouflage is suitable for placement in nature, where it is practically invisible to the naked eye and thus remains almost unnoticed both in front of game and, above all, in front of human harm. Camouflage photo trap was designed specifically for the conditions of Czech forests, gardens and cottage areas. The OXE Cheetah is thus suitable not only as a photo trap for game, but also as a photo trap for property protection.

LED illumination

What kind of hunter wouldn't have a perfect vision at night? Yes, that's why the OXE Cheetah photo trap is equipped with 22 LEDs with an afterglow of up to 18 meters. The illumination is of course invisible (940nm). No flash of lightning will scare the game or alert the thieves to the presence of a photo trap. As can be seen from the product photos, the LEDs are divided into several fields, which are separated by partitions. These partitions have a practical function in the OXE Cheetah photo trap, as they prevent unwanted reflections of the sun, which would warn of the presence of the photo trap. This could then become easy prey for any thief. This security feature is a privilege for other manufacturers only for premium (more expensive) photo traps, not for mini photo traps without sending MMS.

Lens and PIR sensor

OXE company has many years of experience in the production of security and other camera systems. She took full advantage of this in the development of the OXE Cheetah photo trap, which uses the highest quality materials and the most modern technological elements. The image sensor uses 2MPx color CMOS. The lens has a 90 ° angle of view with the Auto IR Filter function. The PIR sensor is very sensitive. Its processing is based on OXE industrial security cameras, for which the demands on motion sensitivity are really high. With the OXE Cheetah photo trap, the sensitivity of the PIR sensor can be set to three different sensitivity levels (low, medium and high sensitivity). All settings are very simple, thanks to the completely Czech menu.

Batteries and power

Fotopast OXE Cheetah is powered by 4 AA batteries, which are placed in a box above the display. It is possible to use classic alkaline batteries (recommended only in summer) and lithium batteries (recommended for winter operation) for the operation of the photo trap. The photo trap can also be charged using an external 6V / 7Ah battery, which is connected to the photo trap using a power cable with terminals. However, the battery consumption of such a small compact photo trap is very low, so in most cases the average user will suffice with alkaline batteries. However, we still recommend using lithium batteries at temperatures below the negative value. For more demanding users, we recommend purchasing an external battery with a power cord.

Simple control

During the production of the OXE Cheetah photo trap, care was taken to make it as user-friendly as possible. All settings take place inside the photo trap using a large 2-inch display and buttons located on the sides next to the LCD display (there are three buttons on each side). On the left are the buttons to enter the menu, to go back one step and play back the captured images. On the right side there are buttons to confirm the action, move forward and a button to take a picture. The size of the 2 "display is absolutely something special for such a small photo trap. Thanks to this, the menu items are clearly legible. The large display also has the advantage of displaying and viewing captured images directly in the photo trap - everything is beautifully sharp and visible. The Czech menu is undoubtedly easy to set up, thanks to which the photo trap can be set by anyone, exactly according to their individual requirements.

Czech menu

Fotopast OXE Cheetah is designed for the Czech market, so the Czech menu is a matter of course. The Czech menu will make it easier for you to easily set up a photo trap.

Main function

Different shooting modes

The user can choose how he wants to move in front of the recorder's trap. There are three modes to choose from. The first is the photo mode, where a photo is taken. The second mode is video, in which a video is recorded. The last mode combines the two previous options, ie photo + video. In this mode, a photo is taken first and then a video is recorded.

Photo resolution

The high-quality image sensor gives you the opportunity to take amazing pictures with a maximum resolution of up to 16 MP. For less demanding users, there is the option to set photos with lower resolution. The higher the resolution you choose, the larger the resulting photo size. You can choose from these resolutions:

  • 16MP (5376 x 3024P)
  • 12MP (4608 x 2592P)
  • 8MP (3840 x 2160P)
  • 5MP (3072 x 1728P)
  • 3MP (2304 x 1296P)
  • 1MP (1280 x720P)

Continuous shooting

Thanks to continuous shooting, you will not miss any detail. When this function is switched on, the photo trap takes a sequence of several pictures in a row after the PIR sensors are switched on. In the menu you can choose from three sequence options, namely:

  • 1 photo
  • Series of 2 photos in a row
  • Series of 3 photos in a row

Video resolution

If you are one of those who require a video trap from the photo trap, we have great news for you. Fotopast records videos in full Full HD resolution (1080p). The user can set these video resolutions:

  • 1920 x 1080p
  • 1280 x 720p
  • 720 x 480p
  • 640 x 480p

Video length

You can select the length of the video in the settings from 1s up to 10 minutes.

Sound recording

In the photo trap settings, you can choose whether you want to record audio for the video at the same time.

Target recording time

An excellent feature that every photo trap user will appreciate. Thanks to this function, you can set the exact time range in which the photo trap will respond to movement and take pictures (set to the nearest minute). Outside the selected time range, the photo trap is inactive and thus saves batteries.

Time lapse mode

A feature that makes the OXE Cheetah a trapped predator! If you need to record the development of a certain activity over time, then this mode is for you. You can see how the progress on the construction, flowering, growing, young, etc. developed.


The OXE Cheetah Photo Trap offers a number of other features. It is definitely worth mentioning the image stamp, password protection, acoustic signal and much more.

Package contents:

1x Photopaste OXE Cheetah
1x USB cable
1x mounting strap
1x tripod tripod
1x mounting plate
3x screws
1x CZ instructions

The product is stored in the original OXE box, which has a red sticker marked OXE ORIGINAL over the opening lid. This will always make sure that you have an original OXE product in your hands.


Image sensor:

2Mpx color CMOS


FOV = 90 °; Auto IR Filter

Functional modes:

Photo / video / photo + video


2 "LCD color

GSM gateway:


SMS control:


Photo resolution:

16MP, 12MP, 8MP, 5MP, 3MP, 1MP

Photo format:


Video resolution:

Full HD (1920x1080), HD (1280x720), 720x480, 640x480

Video format:


Photo + video recording:


Time-lapse record:


Response time:

0.4 s

PIR range (human) 25 °:

25 m

PIR scope:

90 °

IR afterglow:

18 m (22 LED)


SD card (up to 32 GB)

Water resistance:



USB 2.0



Tripod thread:



Windows XP / Vista / 7/8, Mac 10.2

Power supply:


External power supply:

6 V (not included)


108.5x75.5x46 mm

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